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Tribler 5.1!

With this second Tribler release in the V5.x series we aim to show just how easy P2P can be made. Key is the combination of our simplified search interface and formation of a semantic overlay enabling zero-server search. Improved based on the feedback we got on the 5.0 test release.

Posted by Arno Bakker 2009-06-12

Tribler 4.1.8!

Now with family filter.

Posted by Arno Bakker 2008-02-14

Tribler 4.1.4 released!

A refresh new release with remote search feature: searching in the Files view now also checks the torrent collections of the people you are connected to at that point in time. Also new is mainline DHT and uTorrent Peer Exchange support, for improved download speeds. And more GUI improvements such as list views.

Posted by Arno Bakker 2007-09-21

Tribler 4.0.0 released!

- Easy downloading

Adds more than simple keyword search, youtube grid

- Recommendation and Friends

See what other people like, related files, find person with the same taste

- Video on Demand

When the download is on its way, you can use the integrated video player to start watching ASAP

- Wealth of content

Search both Bittorrent, Youtube, and Liveleak for content.

- All-in-one interface

No need to hunt down .torrent files on websites, upgrade to the latest Divx codecs, install the Flash plugin. Tribler has one-stop shopping!

Posted by Arno Bakker 2007-05-21

Tribler 3.6.0 released!

As the first in a new series of major updates we give you Tribler 3.6.0:

- Implemented new version of our distributed recommendation algorithm which deals only with peers currently online, greatly improving performance and efficiency.

- New interface for discovered content.

- Added platform-independent UPnP code for automatically opening the listen port on the firewall, and enabled this by default. ... read more

Posted by Arno Bakker 2007-03-22

Tribler 3.5.1 released, 3.6.0 around the corner...

- Fixed long-standing bug with incoming connections that were mysteriously closed. The Tribler tracker (BitTornado/BT1/ will do a NAT check by default, which consists of initiating a connection and then closing it after a good BT handshake was received.

- Fixed incompatibility with uTorrent and Bram's BitTorrent which now support an extension to the protocol,documented on read more

Posted by Arno Bakker 2007-03-02

Tribler 3.5.0 released!

- Added automatic and manual checking of torrent health / tracker status for all the torrents in the recommender window.

- Added auto-categorization feature to recommender window. Based on definitions in a config file category.conf, torrents are classified into a number of categories, such as "Video" or "Audio" or "XXX".

- Bugfixes (see change log)

Posted by Arno Bakker 2006-08-29

Tribler 3.4.0 for Mac (and others)!

We just released 3.4.0:
- Unicode support by ABC developer roee88

- Patches to support Mac OS/X.

- UI improvements.

- More stable as databases are now thread-safe.

- Changed $HOME/.ABC to $HOME/.Tribler as unicode
support will rewrite the existing config files
to something that older versions cannot read.

Posted by Arno Bakker 2006-05-24

Tribler wins Vosko Trophy!

The Tribler team has just won the prestigious Vosko Trophy for Business and Innovation! We are very proud and very happy with the beautiful artwork and the 10.000 euros! Thank you!

Posted by Arno Bakker 2006-04-27