#6 Implement DHT/PEX protocols

Arno Bakker

From the old survey:

Implement the DHT/PEX protocols which Azureus uses


  • roee88

    roee88 - 2006-10-19

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    Hi Arno :)
    About PEX: If I'm not mistaken (I night be) Azurues will
    change its PEX support soon to the one suppoted by
    uTorrent (using the extention protocol). uTorrent PEX is
    supported by LH-ABC (latest SVN version), you may want to
    take a look:

    I would love to see DHT support in the future.

  • Arno Bakker

    Arno Bakker - 2006-10-20

    Logged In: YES


    I see that you still keep an eye on Tribler ;o)
    Thanks for the PEX tip. Any news that BitTornado
    might support DHT? Or any experience grabbing that code
    from BT itself?

  • roee88

    roee88 - 2006-10-20

    Logged In: YES

    Don't think bittornado will support DHT soon, fast
    extentions and encryption are the next targets.
    About taking the code from BT itself:
    1. mainline BitTorrent does not support Azureus DHT, it
    has its own DHT (it seems like you want AZ's DHT).
    2. This will force you to change license, not sure if you
    want to use the BitTorrent license.
    I wrote the code for PEX by looking at MooPolice and XBT's
    code (MooPolice's author helped me with uncleared issues).
    I guess you can do the same for DHT by reading AZ's code.
    If you want to implement mainline DHT anyway, you will
    need to get khashmir, I had problems getting it from CVS
    but I got it a few weeks ago, let me know if you need it.
    I dropped the idea of implementing DHT after I saw there
    are no windows installers of Twisted and pysqlite for
    python 2.5.



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