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TreeForm 1.0

After 9 months of TreeForm 0.9 being up and running, it was time to make some minor fixes and declare TreeForm Stable. While far from mature, TreeForm works consistently and well in a number of environments including Mac, Windows and Linux.

Posted by Donald Derrick 2008-01-07

More Improvements.

Movement line drawing added.

Color text, highlight and lines added.

Control over length and width of lines, and default options added.

Improved button layout - adjuncts work properly, null heads delete properly, unimplemented features deleted.

Improved screen layout - trees display nicer, hover highlighting is more informative (better use of colors), and many hidden bugs have been fixed.

Improved editor behaviour - Control-click works with a MAC, as does copy, paste, etc.
Improved clipboard - copy and paste a tree directly into MSWord or a graphics editor program.... read more

Posted by Donald Derrick 2007-03-17

TreeForm Updates

TreeForm is currently being updated. Trees display faster and prettier. Look for undo/redo, color, and trace drawing in the next few weeks.

Posted by Donald Derrick 2007-02-14