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Trebuchet v1.081 released

It has been a very long time that Trebuchet didn't get an update... So, I decided to give it some love, and to do some cleanup as well in the tickets (many have been closed because they do not apply to recent releases or were fixed ages ago, a few others have been addressed in v1.080 and v1.081).

Note that the way Windows and MacOS-X builds are distributed changed.

The Windows builds now assume you have got a working Tcl/Tk environment installed on your system (instead of using Tclkit, which caused all sorts of issues). Please, read the README.txt file for how to install Tcl/Tk (this is to be done only once and for all on each Windows system you will install Trebuchet onto).... read more

Posted by Henri 2015-03-31

Trebuchet Tk for Windows re-released

The windows installer for the Trebuchet Tk MU* client has been updated with the latest scripts, fixing the Win2K and XP windows problems. Trebuchet is a 100% TCL cross-platform GUI MUD client, designed to be powerful and extensible, yet easy to use. This client also has support for advanced features, such as SSL encryption, and allowing the server to request custom GUI dialogs.

Posted by Revar Desmera 2003-01-08

Trebuchet's gone 1.0!

Trebuchet is now officially out of alpha! Well, okay, I'm late with this news, as Trebuchet actually went 1.000 a week or two ago, and we're now at 1.005, but it occurred to me that I never actually posted an announcement for it. So here it is.

Posted by Revar Desmera 2001-06-25

Trebuchet Tk 1.0a85 Released

I've released TrebTk alpha 85, with added support for connecting to telnet shell accounts, and improved unix installation support.

Posted by Revar Desmera 2000-09-28

Trebuchet 1.0a84 released

Trebuchet 1.0a84 has been released, and is also available via live update. This release tweaks some internal MCP-GUI dialog handling, and fixes most all the previous flaky scrolling behaviour. Also, a few more screens were added to the helpfile.

Posted by Revar Desmera 2000-09-21

Released Trebuchet 1.0a83 Unix Source

I've released version a83 of the TrebTk source code. The windows installer hasn't been updated yet, but if you install it, you can use the "Live Update" command under the "Help" menu to upgrade to the latest code.

Posted by Revar Desmera 2000-02-24

And awayyyyy we go!

The CVS tree is up and running, the mailing lists are created, and we're good to go. Now I just need to get the other current developers on sourceforge.

Posted by Revar Desmera 2000-01-18

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