#228 Trebuchet passes invalid switches to aspell

Majik Fox

Trebuchet version: 1.075 Unix
OS: Ubuntu 9.10 x64
TCL/Tk version: 8.4.19
Ispell Version: "3.1.20 (but really Aspell 0.60.6)"

How to reproduce:

1. Use the Options menu --> Preferences... --> Spelling
2. Check the box "Enable spellcheck-as-you-type in input window"
3. Click OK
4. Type something in input box
5. Get error modal:

An error occured during the execution of the spell-checking command: Error: You must specify a parameter for "-l".

6. Click OK
7. Try to type into input box again
8. Get another error modal:

error flushing "file11": broken pipe

This bug also exists in 1.072


  • Henri

    Henri - 2015-03-30
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
    • Group: --> Critical_Error
  • Henri

    Henri - 2015-03-30

    Can't reproduce in current release. Reopen if needed.


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