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Project Travissimo Stopped

The project Travissimo is stopped. There will be no further releases from me: No bugfixes, update for Firefox 4 or for Travian 4.
Thanks for using Travissimo so far.
Everybody is free to update/improve the code.

Posted by Blomi 2010-12-29

Version Released

- Fixed village mapping (wrong level and links of buildings)
- Fixed tooltip for players/ally/village
- Show time when enough resouces always (not only plus)

Posted by Blomi 2010-09-05

Version Released

- Fixed village mapping (wrong level and links of buildings)
- Fixed tooltip for players

Posted by Blomi 2010-06-26

Version Released

- Fixed Bug in Market: Selling resources
- Fixed raid bonus for Germans in T3.5
- Fixed Login Feature

Posted by Blomi 2010-05-13

Version Released


- Compatible with Firefox 3.6

Posted by Blomi 2010-02-05

Version Released


- Fixed detection of resource distribution in village overview

Posted by Blomi 2009-12-21

Version Released


- Bugfix for 3.5: Show cost for next levels in building view
- Fixed cost and capacity for units in classic version
- Fixed error in fi/en translation

Posted by Blomi 2009-12-20

Version Released


- Bugfix for Travian 3.5
- MouseOver on own villages
- Show offer ration in market/buy
- MouseOver-Info on player, ally and village
- Detection of grafic path to show images in sidebar
- Show overview of resources in map

Posted by Blomi 2009-10-18

Version Released

- Compatible with Firefox 3.5
- Bugfix for Travian 3.5
- MouseOver on own villages
- Show offer ratio in market/buy
- MouseOver-Info on player, ally and village

Posted by Blomi 2009-07-03

Version Released


- Bugfix for Travian 3.5
- Detection of dorf1
- MouseOver on own villages
- Detection of free merchants fixed
- Detection of current building contracts
- MouseOver-Info on players and villages

Posted by Blomi 2009-05-10

Version Released


- Bugfix to detect palisade in .com worlds (Thanks to wastl)
- Bugfix for Travian 3.5
- Show distance to other villages when hovering village link
- Fillin coordinates in market and ralley point when hovering own village name
- Show infomations (capacity/arrival/distance) when sending troops
- Parsing of spy reports fixed
- Tooltip for players fixed

Posted by Blomi 2009-04-17

Version Released


- Bugfixes for Travian 3.5
+ Infopanel for allys is shown again (Mouseover and Ally page)
+ Costs and carry capacity for units adapted
- Bugfix in .com-Translation to show combat report summary (Thanks to bunyip69)
- Adjusted calculation of construction time for resource fields (still not 100% exact)
- Bugfix for opening/closing of sidebar (Thanks to pherinx)

Posted by Blomi 2009-03-08

Version Released


- Bugfixes for Travian 3.5
+ Tooltip for units is shown again
+ Summary and statistic for combat reports is working again
+ Level of rally point is shown correct
+ Show table for culture points also when there is only one village
+ Table Market Buy is shown again
+ Unfinished building contracts are considered

Posted by Blomi 2009-03-01

Travissimo: Version Released

Firefox Extension for the MMOG Travian to show additional informations and easyer navigation.


- Bugfix for Travian 3.5 (detection of version and dorf2)

Posted by Blomi 2009-02-10

Version 0.9.7 Released

Version 0.9.7

- Bugfixes for Travian 3.5

Posted by Blomi 2009-02-08

Version 0.9.6 Released

Version 0.9.6

- Translation for Brazil and Indonesia
- Shows "Enough resources in xxx hours" in table of buildings (only Travian Plus) (Thanks to berkland)
- Bugfix in English Translation (Thanks to berkland)
- Layout tweaks
- Scrollbar for mouse-over infos of players/ally
- Bugfix in sk translation

Posted by Blomi 2008-09-28

Version 0.9.5 Released

Version 0.9.5

- Show costs for level 11 for resource fields if one field is level 11 or above
- Translation for au-Servers
- Used uk-translation for .ph und .nz
- Bugfix for village name/coordinates/distance in link-hover
- Bugfix in about dialog

Posted by Blomi 2008-06-22

Version 0.9.4 Released

Version 0.9.4

- Swedish Translation
- Bugfix for ch-Server detection
- Playerhistory on all servers (thx obi)
- Cache for history
- Ally history (thx obi)
- Colour coding of history (thx romula)
- Cranny capacity shown in village-overview so many crannies are considered (thx Christoph)
- Show green light in building table when just enough resources (>=0 not >0) (thx Christoph)
- Add fixed amount of resources in market/sending resources (thx Mathias)

Posted by Blomi 2008-04-06

Version 0.9.3 Released

Version 0.9.3

-Bugfix for detection of Travian version (Travissimo didn't work at all)

Posted by Blomi 2008-03-29

Version 0.9.2 Released

Eclipse-based Java 2 C# Translator. That tool makes it possible to automatic translate from Eclipse java projects into Visual Studio projects. Generated code can be directly compiled and executed whitout any user modification. See Wiki for documentation.

Version 0.9.2

- Bugfix in us/uk translation
- Bugfix in sk translation
- Bugfix in it translation
- Added support for ch servers
- Bugfix for player history and added link (Feature only on German servers)

Posted by Blomi 2008-02-27

Developers Wanted

To improve Travissimo developers are wanted. If you've some JavaScript skills you're welcomed to contribute to Travissimo. Please contact at

Posted by Blomi 2008-01-07

Version 0.9.1 Released

Version 0.9.1

- Show history of inhabitants for players (only .de and .org)
- Show tooltip-information for player, village and ally not only for links but also for the current page
- Bugfix for us/uk translation
- Bugfix for Hero's Mansion with dead hero

Posted by Blomi 2007-12-12

Version 0.9 Released

Version 0.9

- Compatible with Firefox 3 (Secure Update and other fixes)
- Danish Translation
- Costs for cranny corrected
- Bugfix for si Server detection

Posted by Blomi 2007-12-08

Version Released


- Bugfix in cz, fi translation
- Translation: Lithuanian

Posted by Blomi 2007-10-21

Version Released


IMPORTANT: If a version prior to 0.8.9 is installed the automatic update in Firefox does not work. Download the extension manually to update.

- Bugfix in Czech, Turkish, Hungarian and Slovak translation
- Bugfix for market (sending resources)

Posted by Blomi 2007-09-08

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