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V1.0.0 released

Traveling Salesman - v1.0.0

Traveling Salesman is a navigation application for use on nettops and laptops for
the OpenStreetMap. It's focus is on clean, well documented code and modularity
via plugins.

Download it:
Start it via Java Webstart:
Changelog: read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-04-26

delays and sourceforge-outage

As OpenStreetMap is still in the process of the big API-upgrade from 0.5 to 0.6
we could not yet release Traveling Salesman v1.0 (as we need 0.6 to test that
one final feature).

This is not too inconvenient as Sourceforge happens to chose this day to have
a system-wide issue with /home/sessions getting full and thus noone is able
to log into our ticketing-system (where we would have to set v1.0 to status
"released").... read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-04-20


Traveling Salesman - 1.0.0-RC1

Release-candidate 1 week before v1.0.0
for public review and bug-hunting

- 0000126: [Route-Finding] IRouteMetric ignored by routers
- 0000125: [Driving Directions] Way symbol is named as node -
- 0000124: [Driving Directions] RoutingSteps should be combined for driving instructions
- 0000123: [User-Interface] wrong ETA
- 0000122: [Other/Unknown] JGPSProvider crashed when the configured serial port vanishes
- 0000121: [Databases] allow downloading not only bounding-boxes (Marcuswolschon) - geschlossen.
- 0000120: [User-Interface] jumping to bounding-box after import wreaks havok if nothing was imported
- 0000119: [User-Interface] download current area not working
- 0000118: [Databases] Add FileWriter to FileReader in LibOSM
- 0000117: [Address-Search] Cities may be place=city or voundary=administrative with admin_level=7
- 0000109: [Route-Finding] Fehlermeldung bei Routeberechnung - geschlossen.
- 0000115: [User-Interface] panel to show current Traffic-messages
- 0000103: [User-Interface] emty error message "Error while painting map"
- 0000108: [Other/Unknown] OpenJDK crashed when TS tries to install JavaComm for Sun-JDK
- 0000107: [Renderers] OSRPaintVisitor does not fall back to SmoothTilePainter
- 0000106: [User-Interface] subdirectories of geofebrik not showingin download-menu
- 0000105: [User-Interface] limit length of shown stack-trace in popup
- 0000104: [User-Interface] select default-text in address-search on getFocus

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-04-14

Update on TMC-support

Update: My new TMC-receiver arrived yesterday and I was able to work with the first real-world data.
Some minor adjustements where needed:
* GPS auto-detection did not list 57600bps so my tmc-gps was not found. I changed that.
* gps-autodetection would not try to install rxtx before starting. I also changed that.
* I inserted and debugged the support for GNC-type RDS-receivers. all tests before where conducted with Royaltec-type as we had no GNC-testdata. (now e have ;) )
Both types of devices will work now.
* isRXTXInstalled would return false if RXTX was installed not system-wide but with the loadLibrary-hack. That issue was corrected.
* As the import of the TMC location-codes into the OpenStreetMap has not yet begun I added support for an "unknown location", so messages can be seen even if their location was not found in the map.
Speaking of wich, the tool for the TMC-import is making great progress and I may be able to import the TMC-roads (as opposed to segments, points and areas) in a few days.... read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-04-09

First TMC-support in Traveling Salesman

Yes, we have it.

The SVN-version of Traveling Salesman can now parse TMC-messages in Royaltek and GNC/GNC2-format
received from RDS-capable GPS-receivers, store them and show the user a list of all traffic obstructions
currently in effect.

This will not be a part of Version 1.0 as much remains to be done.
Full TMC-support It is planned to a part of release 1.1 later this year.
This depends on the [url=]TMC-import into the OpenStreetMap[/url].
All current tests are done with some locations being added to the map by hand and these locations
are the only one to currently work. It will take at least a few weeks to get all german locations into the OSM.
Other countries may follow later.... read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-04-08


Traveling Salesman - 0.9.9

Download it:
Start it via Java Webstart:

Version 0.9.9 is the last version before v1.0.0-RC1 .
It features some huge usability-enhancements and some more translations.
Also all severe messages that get logged are now shown via popups,.
Overall the user gets much more feedback at what is happening.... read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-04-04


Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-28

support for turn-restrictions

With the new TurnRestrictedMultiTargetDijkstraRouter

we now can process turn-restrictions.
After house-numbers only signposting
remains as the last of the advanced features
being added to OpenStreetMap that we
now support.

It will be included in the 0.9.8 -release that is
due in a few days.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-24


Traveling Salesman - 0.9.7

This versions featured a house-number -search for the first time.

- 0000007: [Databases] add area object to LOD DataSet
- 0000046: [Renderers] hotels are rendered as postboxes
- 0000045: [Renderers] display house-numbers for buiildings and nodes
- 0000040: [Settings and Plugin-Management] add message "Need for restart TS" inform after changing of some settings.
- 0000024: [User-Interface] show object-names when clicking in map
- 0000042: [Renderers] No zoom-slider when autorotate=true
- 0000010: [User-Interface] PlaceFinder shall list split ways only once
- 0000038: [Renderers] bug with rendering tracks / trail in auto-rotation mode
- 0000050: [User-Interface] cannot select directory in Config-Wizard
- 0000049: [User-Interface] give feedback in UI if no route is found
- 0000048: [Driving Directions] More translations
- 0000012: [Address-Search] search for house-numbers
- 0000039: [Renderers] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space in auto-rotation mode
- 0000035: [Settings and Plugin-Management] 0.9.6 Not able to select serial port

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-16

Support for House-Numbers

The current SVN-version and the upcomming 0.9.7 have support for searching for house-numbers.
This may sound easy but given the number of different address-styles on this planet
even how they are to be added to the OpenStreetMap
we are operating on has been a topic for debates
for years.
We support individually mapped housenumbers and housenames on nodes and buildings described by polygons
as well as numerical (but not yet alphabetical) interpolation (all, even and odd).

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-14


Sorry, in 0.9.5 I forgot to include jpf.jar (the new plugin-framework).
0.9.6 corrects this mistake.

Also in the config-wizard, the user may now choose where to store the map.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-04

released 0.9.5

* With release 0.9.5 we also release an experimental
speechPack to add voice-output.
* This marks the introduction of an improved plugin-system.
* We also fixed a bug (0000021) in the config-system and one (0000025) in the IDIndexFile as well as GeoIndexFile (0000026) of the OsmBin reference-implementation.
* the generation of low-zoom -maps and saving/loading in OsmBin has been completely rewritten and optimized. You will notice that we are much faster now.
* We now have much improved driving instructions and special driving directions for roundabouts
* our driving-directions are now translatable with first german translations added
* You can file bug-reports directly from the help-menu
* You can click on an object in the map to get its name rendered. This feature will be improved in the future.
* For developers there is a control-panel to fast forward and slow down in gpx-files

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-03-04

bug in 0.9.3

A bug was found in release 0.9.3 and it has been taken offline.
A corrected version will be online tonight.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-23

bugfix with 0.9.3 and libOSM 2.4.3

An important bug been found and fixed when importing many ways.
(When the address-space for memory-mapped files
was exhausted the bytebuffers for way-records
are not rewound correctly.)

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-23

released 0.9.2-beta3 (API0.5+API0.6)

Due to 2 important bugfixes I released an update to beta2 of Traveling Salesman 0.9.2 .
Sorry that I did not notice these before releasing beta2.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-13

released 0.9.2-beta

Mostly for the benefit of the people volunteering to test our navigator,
I released a new beta-version 0.9.2-beta.
It contains a simple configuration-wizard that pops up the first time you start
Traveling Salesman and helps you downloading a map and installing your GPS.

I also made it clear that downloading .osm -files works with api0.5 and with api 0.6 -files.

Note that this version contains a known bug with zooming recently introduced. I'll release a new beta
when this is fixed.... read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-12

new navigation in wiki

I just updated the navigation on the left side of the WIKI.
It is much better customized to this project then the generic wiki-menu we had before. :)
Sorry Sourceforge, I know I am supposed to show your logo in there but the format does not allow images.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-09

Released 0.9.1-beta

* Edit post
* Delete post
* Report this post
* Information
* Reply with quote

Released 0.9.1-beta

Postby marcuswolschon on 09 Feb 2009 12:44
Because many people following our latest call for bug-reports are testing using the last stable Traveling Salesman 0.9
but many bugs are already fixed that make testing for upcomming version 1.0
hard if the tester uses 0.9, I released a version 0.9.1-beta .
It is not stable code and downloading will only work after OpenStreetMap switches to api 0.6 on 2009-03-23 but local map-files in api0.5-format work fine.... read more

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-09

Forum migrated to phpBB

While it is still possible,
I just migrated the forums to a hosted
* make polls
* notifications
* allow links and images
* less limitations

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-09

new LibOSM and OSMnavigation released

Due to some important bug-fixes and the new
osmosis-task "--read-osmbin-0.6" we relased
a new version of libosm and osmnavigation.
These version already use API 0.6 .

We did not release a new Traveling Salesman
because as an enduser-application we want to
wait for API 0.6 to be published before
requiring end-users (as opposed to developers)
to use it.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-05

Traveling Salesman: OSMbin v1.0 announced

traveling-salesman is a GPS -route-planning and -navigation -system based on libosm and the OpenStreetMap.

LibOSM of Traveling Salesman contains the reference-implementation of the OSMbin file-format.
As our implementation now has advanced far enough
I am happy to announce the final OSMbin file-format
on the OpenStreetMap -dev and -osmosis -mailing lists.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-04

Webstart in version 0.9

It was a long time since I updated the Webstart-version of Traveling Salesman.
Due to Sun's ***** keytool I was not able to
import the root-key of cacert and my current code-signing certificate, so I had to use an
old selfsigned certificate that is long expired.

You can start Traveling Salesman now again by
just entering the following link into your browser and wait a few seconds.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-01

Traveling Salesman 0.9 and LibOSM 2.4.0

We just released Traveling Salesman 0.9.
It has come a long way towards a 1.0 and we did
not want you to miss out on all the bug-fixes and
improvements since version 0.8.1 .
This release uses OpenStreetMap API 0.6. Thus
downloading will not work for a few weeks until
OpenStreetMap has made the switch to API 0.6.
You can however load files in 0.6 and 0.5 -format.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-02-01


Today the SVN-version got the new AdvancedAddressDBPlaceFinder
as a replacement for the AddressDBPlaceFinder.

It has much cleaner code (distributed over
multiple classes and far easier to understand)
and removes the need to iterate over all the streets
of a city when looking for a street-name.
Instead it has an additional table indexing
streets by their name, location and bounding-box-radius.

Searching is now much faster.
If you still have the old AdressDB in your
preferences, then the old version will still
be used. For upgrading you have to remove
the map (Sorry, I had to break this one) or
at least remove the hsqldb-files and do debug->reindex map.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-01-31


By public demand I enabled the forums on the sourceforge-project-site again.

Posted by Marcus Wolschon 2009-01-30