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Traumpalast / News: Recent posts

VirtualBox from Sun installed

today I have installed the VirtualBox from Sun with an workmate.

Now I try to have the 32er and 64er version from the operating systems Windows Vista, Windows 7, Debian, Fedora, OpenSolaris and so on. So I can test Dreampalace in the differents operating systems.

Thats really great.
Peter Rogge

Posted by Peter Rogge 2009-06-13

Prototyp v0.1 is ready

Prototyp v0.1 is ready. When you are interressed, you can download it.

Posted by Peter Rogge 2009-06-07

New homepage for Dreampalace

I'm glad to say,
I have a new homepage for Dreampalace. You can reach it under

Posted by Peter Rogge 2009-06-05