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Reclaimed November 20, 2009.

The project was reclaimed. My website was hacked and I jumped ship including the abandment of all my sourceforge projects. It's been a while and no one claimed the project, so I am now getting it started again.

Posted by Wesley Joyner 2009-11-20

Web page for TTW has been added.

TTW has it's homepage installed on the web. The address is,

Posted by Anonymous 2008-12-24

TTW Release 1, of 0.9

Version 0.9R1 is complete. It was tested and works. This release contains a Windows GUI .trans file pattern editor. Please read it's documentation before loading pattern files with it. If you discover a bug or the program will not even work, please email me at Thanks...

Posted by Anonymous 2008-12-03

Some project News.

I have decided not to take out the windows editor after all. In some of my last news posts I said I was removing it. I have decided to resurrect it, and change how it represents files. Hopefully I can have it released soon.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-12-03

Release V0.8R1 of ttw windows package.

A windows package of the new TTW has been released. This version takes away the old GUI editor, and installs command line programs. The new command line programs allow the creation of .trans files from the command prompt. Some kind of editor is still needed to create the .trans pattern data files. A special text editor is planned in the future, for both windows and linux. Other coders are welcome, and so are front ends.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-05

Upcoming release...

The command line tools are being built, and it looks promising. TTW is being setup so that it can be used with graphical front ends. This should make porting TTW very easy. Without front ends, TTW should be completely usable. The only problem I can see, is creating .trans file data patterns. It depends on your setup. But you might require a hex editor until a certain special front end has been created. This could also apply to the .totrans files, it depends on your configuration setups. This upcoming release should continue to use the old 0002 version headers and data. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-11-03

TTW news??? Really???

It has been a very long time since I even looked at TTW. Here are the new plans. I am going to stop developing the editor, and work only on the command line program. I will however develop tools to allow the special coding to be easily setup in the configurations.

That also means I am going to change how the script files are packed. I want to still use the configuration headers, but have them put in a separate place. I might put them in with the translator files area. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-10-31

English to PHP script added for download.

This is a great example on how to use TTW to make your own custom php script syntex. There are two text files that explain the scripts. They use the dos end codes.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-21

TTW Win32 BugFix release.

This release completes the missing menu item. I did not notice that. There was also a possible bug fix.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-20

TTW Now Seeking 'A' valunteer...

"Translator Trans Writer" is seeking a project manager. The project manager would build a project team for TTW. The manager would be in charge of TTW. The manager would build a team to develop and release TTW. The current goals of TTW is to make a nice GUI, and continue to port into Linux. The copyright holder is looking for a someone to lead the TTW project. If interested in being the project leader please email

Posted by Anonymous 2008-06-03

TTW support mechanism selected!

I don't know if it prevents people from submitting bug reports. But I've selected a bug reporting mechanism on sourceforge. Please give me feedback, because I am in the dark on my end of TTW. I don't know if anyone is even able to get it running!

Posted by Anonymous 2008-05-06

ttwcom for linux updated 0.7R04_25_2008

the linux version of ttwcom updated with the dos version. The defference in these two releases from the previous version, is the version of the .trans file detection. It now includes "Translator Trans Writer 0001" header, along with "translater Trans Writer 0001". Also the linux version should print out the version number using the switch -v or -V.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-25

ttwcom dos exe V0.7

Its a little late after the TTW V0.7 release, but here it is. Comes with binary, and source code. The linux version should be out shortly here after, God Willing.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-25

Beta Testers!

TTW is looking for People to use TTW to write scripts that write scripts. Please Report All bugs found with TTW. Please help me get TTW sea worthy.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-05

Big Changes to TTW (Translator Trans Writer)

TTW has stepped out of the Win32 API menu, and into something of its own. Bug fix while selecting files to decode. Output file was on open, and not create. There is a New screen shot of TTW with its custom menu.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-05

Future new GUI for "Translator Trans Writer"

"Translator Trans Writer" is getting a new GUI system put into it, which God Willing, will allow TTW to go linux style, along with windows style.

This up coming change will also get the Page view out of the top menu of TTW, and into a child window of its own.

God Blessings today, from our lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-04-04

Win32 Editor, commandline and linux commandline.

The Win32 Editor, the dos mode command line, along with the linux ported command line versions all have been written to reflect the 'o' change. Both command line versions should read the old 'e' headers, along with the new 'o' headers. This is to keep all compatibility with the name change.

The editor now should write all headers with the 'o' change, instead of writing the 'e' in the header name. It should still read all files written in the past with the 'e'.

Posted by Anonymous 2008-03-17

Translator ("Translator Trans Writer") Version 0.6.1

"Translator Trans Writer" ("Translater Trans Writer" has been renamed. Used to be spelled with an 'e', but now with an 'o'.

TTW also has internal Copy and Paste support. No highlighting yet, but you can copy lines, and paste them, along with cutting.

ttwcom has been changed to use the 'o', but still reads 'e' headers.

File formats changed to use the 'o' instead of 'e'. The old files are still readable with 'e'. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2008-03-17