Le 20/12/2013 10:03, Giulio Paci a écrit :

> > > (second thing - in sf.net download these new 1.5.2 are in 1.5.1 folder, is
> > > this intended, or should this be fixed?)
> >
> > I also add another question: where are the 1.5.2 sources? May we tag a specific git revision?

> No idea. :-)

These questions are directed to Claude. :-)


There never was an official 1.5.2 release as the SVN repository stayed in an unstable state for a long time.
I think the recent switch to git is helping for a reunification, but the "1.5.2" versions I put are merely slightly patched 1.5.1 versions, which is why I l didn't create a new directory.
I would prefer to skip directly to a 1.5.3 release tag when the current version stabilizes (it depends if Giulio has completely synchronized the repository with his Debian version :-).

I currently sticked to Tcl/Tk 8.4 for Linux and Mac binaries. Having a version working for 8.6 would be of course better... Do not hesitate to update sources accordingly. Maybe we could integrate the patched tcLex version in a subdirectory, if no up-to-date repository is available elsewhere ?

Thanks for your efforts porting Transcriber on new OS versions. You can of course upload binaries on the site if you package one.