#9 Playback pause resume overlap


I'd first like to say thanks for this great program. The Tab key pause feature alone makes this program indispensable. I'd like to see the tab key functionality enhanced so that when you press the tab key to resume playing, the playback would start slightly before where it was stopped. Often times when I press tab I can't avoid pressing it in the middle of a word. When playback is resumed the sound is often garbled at the split second of the beginning of playback. Then I have to rewind to find out what the word was.

Another feature to add to the tab key might be to have shift-tab rewind the sound a second for a quick rewind function. Multiple presses of shift-tab might give more seconds rewind. The first two presses of shift-tab might rewind one second each, and then the third and fourth press of shift-tab might rewind three seconds each. These timings might be adjustable.


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