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If you have never used TDD/BDD before then here is a little primer,
To enable agile development rather than planning for weeks or months the code is developed to a set of tests (Nunit in this case) So we start with say a BDD (behaviour test) such as If_I_send_a_login_message_to_the_api_with_valid_details_I_get_a_logged_in_reply_back()
then you provide your tests so that they fail, then code the code till it passes, then you write another test and do it all again, but at the end its all working and you have a stable SOLID programming methodology system that is easily maintainable as well as being fast.

Posted by Theresa Forster 2012-03-21

A New beginning

OK so I have been away for a while but now i am back, I recently changed jobs and actually learnt to program properly using agile and Visual Studio 2010 with Resharper(do check it out if you can - actually makes VS2010 usable) so now we will be going forward with C# and TDD, When more devs come onboard we will start using cards and user stories programming in a vertical slice process.

Posted by Theresa Forster 2012-03-20