Dear Industry Professional, 

The importance of the internet and the opportunities it can afford a company are unparalleled in the year 2005 and beyond. Access to information technology is critical not only to reach thousands of new prospects with relative ease but to continue to streamline your company's bottom line. Properly utilizing email marketing reduces the more significant costs of print media, advertising, faxing, mailing campaigns and more while producing even better results than all of the above. If your company is ready to expand to the next level, let us help you broaden your horizons with our products and services. Our goal is to help you reach more prospective  clients and/or customers for your product or service and thus expand your revenues and
client base

Our most popular lists are as follows:

Mortgage Broker data
This database currently contains over 50,000 Mortgage Originator email addresses. Purchase all records for only  $950.00. You own these names.

Realtor Broker data
This database currently contains over 50,000 Realtor Email addresses. Purchase all records for only $950.00.  You own these names.

Customized lists
We'll search our data files to search by state, zip code, industry, etc to compile a custom list of email prospects based on your criteria.  Pricing and quantities are as follows: 

Over 20,000 -- $0.05 each 
Over 10,000 -- $0.075 each 
Over   5,000 -- $0.10 each 
Under 4,999 -- $0.125 each 

Custom Email platforms for your use to solicit new partners/business: 
We charge 495.00 per platform, let me know if you'd like to see an example. 

Broadcast Email services to deliver your message with no hassle so you can focus on the call backs.

Our lists are consistently updated with new names to keep them fresh. Prospector continually initiates interesting opt-in campaigns and web marketing vehicles to obtain quality names. Our primary goal is to help companies expand their interests from a wholesale perspective. You can be assured that we are committed to achieving results for your product or service. Prospector Communications wants your email campaign to be a success. Free email software is included with every order as a valued customer. 

Best Regards, 

Matt Clark
Prospector Communications 

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