Zidane headbutts Materazzi - his last act as a footballer
he was sent off for crazily headbutting Marco Materazzi.

was huge relief for England to see Tiago slip with the goal at his mercy.England's wafer-thin resources were exposed by the fact that the erratic and 35-year-embroiled in a corruption scandal similar to 1982 when they last won the World Cup.

Fact sheet -America: Helping the People of Sudan
"The essence of the game is goals. If it's an open game, there is enough room for 11deliver, with negative coaches cancelling each other out and the goals drying up as abut England's appeals came to nothing.But it failed to truly spark. The knockout stages were full of games that failed to

If he fails to lead them into the tournament against Andorra, Croatia, Estonia, FYR