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Dear Sir,


Thank you for taking the time to read my mail about a potential business alliance between our firm and you. Our institution is doing many great works with a terrific supporting cast.  It is our hope that an association with your firm will just add one more item to an impressive list of our activities.


One of our present programs is a successful auction of the estate belonging to the Former Interior Minister of Egypt Mr. Habib al-Adly located in Capetown,  South Africa.  He  has been arrested in his home town pending the completion of an investigation into corruption and he is likely going to face a death penalty if convicted on numerous charges he is facing before the military court of Egypt. He has also seen his assets and that of his family in Egypt frozen for financial corruption allegations, and is being investigated along with several former top officials of the ousted Mubarak's regime. His illegal fortune is alleged to be around US$ 1.5 billion, of which properties worth US$250-000-000-00 are located in Europe, South Africa, UAE and Bahamas.


Mr. Habib al-Adly had a couple of his properties here in South Africa purchased and registered in the name of his personal assistant (name withheld) to avoid trace but unfortunately the said individual has decided to take advantage of the situation surrounding the unfortunate minister to auction the properties. He has also eloped from his home country Egypt and is currently seeking political asylum in the Republic of South Africa. We have successfully and conclusively assisted him to facilitate the auctioning of all the assets which were bought in his name by the unfortunate minister and he desires that we move the funds out of the borders of Africa for investment in lucrative businesses. For your interest and participation in this transaction; you will earn remuneration in cash at the region of 30 % of the total sum. This transaction is risk free but requires maximum confidentiality.


You are welcome to join our firm in this expedition. Should you or your organization be interested in partnering with this league, do request the Partnership Agreement by emailing our director at :               Attn: Mr. Daniel Nkosinati


You can also contact him directly at his mobile phone number  +27 74 326 1766 to discuss this matter.


Thank you for your consideration. Together we can nurture a culture of active civic engagement to strengthen partners financially and politically.


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Thank you,

Elizabeth Jonason

Kelvin Smith Associates, South Africa