7:35am Phony Phone Calls And Various Phone Calls.
He said the first interview he did with Ed didn't go so well but the second one went great. He actually changed his name to Eric.
Artie said he sees that guy at a lot of gam Artie told Stephanie about Katz's Deli and how it's a legendary place in New York.
6:10am Sal And Richard's Latest Pranks.
He said he didn't want to go out, he just wanted to hang out at home. 11:05am Howard And The Crew Invited To Bubba's Wedding. Howard got a laugh as he was watching the video.
He played the call where Ben Stern first gets through and rambles on about agreeing with the political discussion this TV show group was having. Howard had a note from Isaac from Howard TV who told him about what Artie and Stephanie ate at dinner. 9:35am Dustin Diamond's Home Sex Tape Clips. He doesn't buy it and he's not sure what's going on with Artie.