Attn: Tramp-devel

My name is Shin-Ichi Sakkuramori from Tokyo Japan.

I have a business deal worth $9Mil (Nine Million American dollars) which I want to bring to your notice and for us to transact together in a mutual business relationship.

In this era of harsh economic realities and global economic recession, it is worthwhile to give room to vibrant and realistic business offers and
opportunities in your business life. The offer I am presenting to you is a private one and if you find it interesting please respond at

This is an offer of a life time, One that will fetch us a total sum of 9 Million American dollars with no risk what so ever. I got your information from a highly reliable and reputable source in your country.
Please I do not want to disclose comprehensive details of this offer in this first correspondence until I have your permission to do so in order not to be seen as invading your email privacy.
Kindly confirm your interest to receive the details of this life changing offer by sending your reply strictly and only to the email address: 

I await your confirmation.


Shin Ichi Sakkuramori

Please use copy and paste command to lift and paste the email address SPIROLANDOSFAMILY8@BK.RU to avoid typing error while entering the email mannually.