Bynari is happy to release TradeClient version 0.7.0. This version continues to enhance features and reliability.

New feature list includes:
o PDF User Guild is now available.
o Message searching
o "Sent-Item" support (basic)
o An account can be force fetched which is great for folder/server synchronization.
o New, bigger default dialog sizes (not main window)
o Automatic alias substitution, just press enter
o "Check names" menu item now properly uses aliases too.
o Message priority support for: creating messages, displaying messages, and sorting messages by priority.
o Empty Trash is now a menu item
o Calendar notifications now work! Oh YA! Slick implementation.
o Scheduled process execution is now working.
o Added more pre-time notification choices.
o TODO lists are now a little more sane. It's also easier to delete items.
o Context reply quoting whichs makes it much easier to figure out who said what.
o Improved header support (We now have an X-Mailer line again!!! :) which will help when talking with Outlook users.
o Create emails with expirations, sensitivity levels, reply by, and categories. Again, great for talking with Outlook users.
o Message filtering has been improved (more options)
o Option to right click on message to send it to your favorite web browser. This should help with more types of web emails.
o New ray traced spell checking icon. Thank Trey for bugging me so... :)

o Printing is now working again (calendar views)
o Return receipts
o Goto web button now properly forks the process
o Progress bar is now functional
o Unknown MIME types no longer cause segfaults
o Tons of MIME segfaults and memory leaks have been fixed.
o More types of HTML email are detected to support web browser reading.
o Messages can now be marked unread to force one time message processing again.

Posted by Greg Copeland 2000-09-21

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