As usual, you will find source tarballs as well as binaries. Please note that there are now 4-binaries on this release and that all are dynamic.

Here's the details of this release since 0.2.5. If you want more detail, see the release notes which will have this plus the CHANGELOG details since 0.2.5. I also want to point out that screen shots are now available via anonymous FTP from Source Forge. You can go to to see them.

The changelog is a list of the most noteworthy changes, but
does not account for all. By far, there has been a number of
changes complete before we started actively maintaining the CHANGELOG.

Files Availabe:
You will find a source tarball, as 0.3.0 is now out (which compiles
for 486 without LDAP support by default), as well as a 686, 486,
with and without LDAP binaries available for download.

Survey Says!?
Please, if you are enjoying the application, fill out the user survey.
So far, we have only had 4 people actually use. We consider this
feedback to be informative. After all, it lets us create a product
better geared toward your needs!

Okay, features that are currently not working:
Return receipts
Message Priorities
Various header values (organization, x-mailer, etc.)
Sent-items folder
I *think* there is a event display problem on two of the calendar views

Overall, you should find it to be much more stable (we have had some
of the preleases up for days at a time now) as well as slightly faster.
Zombie processes should no longer be created, as was common with 0.2.5,
and the tons of memory leaks have been addressed. Lots of segfaults have
been fixed, including clicking stray clicks, and menu items. There's also
LDAP support so that you can have a Global Address Book. The cool
item to note here is that a copy of the address book is stored locally
(view of it's last query) so that users on the go can still carry thier
company directory with them. MIME encoding has also been improved
(effeciency as well as no more segfaults). MIME handling has also been
worked with. It should now properly know when to launch your favorite web
browser to handle certain types of HTML encoded emails. We also have a
cool GOTO button in the address books so that you can easily save URLS
for people for jump right too them (thanks Trey)! Of course, IMAP, POP3,
and SMTP support has been greately improved. All should now be fully
RFC compliant. Everyone that I've talked with that had problems with POP3
and/or IMAP in 0.2.5, now say that it's working well for them. Printing
support has also been address in this release. You can now print your
todo's, emails, and various calendar views. Imagine that, PIM function-
ality. Last but not least, the ever annoying calendar refresh problems
have been fixed.

Features to come::
Improved IMAP support
Various local mailbox formats
GPG support
Working return receipts
Better support for misc. values in headers
More filtering options (thinking about regular expressions, but not
commiting on this)
Sent-Item's folder support

As you can see, we are in full gear to make this your choice in preferred
GUI email clients. We're looking forward to improving this every day.

Posted by Greg Copeland 2000-08-08

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