#47 Failed MySQL Connection


I am using:

mysql Ver 11.18 Distrib 3.23.58, for redhat-linux-gnu
on Redhat 9
and track-300.war. I have tried numerous ways to
connect to the track front end using tomcat 5.5.7 even
with root password for MySQL. I have followed the track
administrator guide carefully but still cannot connect.
I have checked the torque.log and it doesn't give to
much detail has to why I can't connect. The one thing
that I did notice was that the computer hostname that I
am using 'GreatWhite' is appended to the username on
the track login page and this is the result that is
sent back to the screen:

Database connection could not be established. This is
most likely due to a wrong username/password and/or
database driver in your Torque.properties file. Please
have a look at the Administrators Guide or contact your
system administrator. Message provided:
'java.sql.SQLException: Invalid authorization
specification message from server: "Access denied for
user: 'root@GreatWhite' (Using password: YES)"'

I changed the hostname of the computer to localhost but
still to no avail. And I can connect to the MySQL
database manually. I have also commented out all over
database options except for MySQL.

Please could you help me out.

Kindest Regards.

Chris S


  • Joerg Friedrich

    Joerg Friedrich - 2005-02-17

    Logged In: YES

    Sorry for the late response. This is a problem caused by the
    ways mysql grants access. You have to GRANT permission (as
    it says in the manual in the section on GRANT PERMISSION) to
    the user configured in your Torque.properties file. So you
    should grant permission to 'root@GreatWhite', and to be
    sure, also to 'root@GreatWhite.<yourdomain.com>' and to be
    very sure to 'root@<youripaddress', with the IP address
    being the one of GreatWhite or possibly the loopback address
    if GreatWhite is also the localhost. Also, of course, the
    password has to be set correctly. Yes, MySQL invented this.
    Please, have a look at the FAQs of the manual, it tells you
    about some problems with connecting to MySQL.

  • Joerg Friedrich

    Joerg Friedrich - 2005-02-24
    • assigned_to: nobody --> friedj
  • Joerg Friedrich

    Joerg Friedrich - 2005-03-26
    • status: open --> closed
  • Joerg Friedrich

    Joerg Friedrich - 2005-03-26

    Logged In: YES

    Since I have not heard anything on this anymore, I suppose
    the problem is solved. Please reopen if that should not be
    the case.


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