#43 Definition of "Integrated" state


A member of my team requested clarification on a
definition of the integrated state. My best guess was
that this state signifies that the issue has been worked
and integrated into a preproduction code base, but has
not yet been integrated into a formal baseline.

The help document for State Definitions is missing a
definition for "Integrated". Nine states are defined in the
help, but there are actually 10 in listed in the drop down
listed on the report page found at

Any ideas on a formal definition for "integrated" state w/
regards to Track+?

Thanks in advance....



  • Joerg Friedrich

    Joerg Friedrich - 2004-09-09

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    First, sorry for the late answer. Usually we monitor the help
    forum quite closely, but I had not paid attention to the
    support forum for a while being so busy with the new release.

    The "integrated" state was added in the course of time to be
    able to differentiate between the end of implementation and
    the beginning of system testing. In between, there could be
    some integration work, e.g. with other modules, or in
    embedded systems with hardware or software, depending on
    what you are developing.

    Actually, you can define your own states; the ones supplied
    with the system are just suggestions. Chapter 2.8 of the
    users manual will give you some good instructions on how to
    go about this.

    In our development version, we have now prepared all
    structures for Track+ to allow different states for different
    lists, and for a controlled workflow, e.g. you will only see
    those states that you can move an artefact from the state it
    is currently in, and based on your role. This will be fully

  • Joerg Friedrich

    Joerg Friedrich - 2004-09-09
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  • Joerg Friedrich

    Joerg Friedrich - 2005-03-26
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