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Windows Installer Bugs

  • Anonymous - 2005-11-22

    Very Bad Thing #1:

    I changed the install drive from C to D, but everything but Track+ itself (firebird, tomcat, apache) was still installed on C.

    Not only is my C drive full, but I also have demos of other trackers installed, some of which have their own instances of tomcat and apache.

    The Track+ Windows installer made a mess of my system.

    Very Bad Thing #2:

    Additionally, the default port should be unique!  Don't use the generic HTTP port.

    Minimal Fix:

    At the very least, the installer should provide a popup listing all the damage it will do to my system before it goes and does it.

    • Joerg Friedrich

      Joerg Friedrich - 2005-11-24

      Actually the installer should not do any damage to your system and from your report it is not quite clear what the damage has been. While I can understand that you are upset that things did not work as you thought they should I don't quite understand your wording.

      Track+ requires about 60 MByte of hard disc space. If you have less than that on your C drive the Very Bad Thing #0 seems to me that you believe you can operate a Windows machine in this mode and not run into trouble.

      Since Track+ uses installers of Tomcat and Firebird in silent mode, there is no way (known to us) to change the target hard drive. The Track+ installer should detect if there is an Apache Tomcat installed if you have registered it with the registry, as the Tomcat installer does.

      We use the default HTTP port because it serves 99% of all people that install Track+ well. They can use Track+ then without having to give weird links like "http://someMachine:4711/track". The other 1% have to edit the server configuration file to make things work. Sorry that you had to go through the trouble.

      Nonetheless, we will check what we can do to improve the installer.

    • Anonymous - 2005-11-28

      A pre-install popup should also say:

      "If not already installed, this installer will also install the following components onto the C: drive: ...  If these components need to be installed elsewhere, obtain them from the following links (...), then exit and restart the Track+ installer after the other packages have been installed."

      I doubt any installer functionality needs to be changed.  Just add lots of text at the beginning before doing anything to the system.


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