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TrackIt 1.0.0 Released

The TrackIt team is pleased to announce that version 1.0.0 has been officially released. Significant changes in this release include better transactionality management, user interface enhancements, updates to dependent libraries, and several small bug fixes. Please visit the download section of the TrackIt site to get the latest version:

Posted by Jason Dalton 2006-02-15

New Forums

In preparation for the TrackIt 1.0.0 release, new Forums have been installed here: Subsequently, we are abandoning the sourceforge forums / mailing list and requesting that all TrackIt related topics are posted there as well.

Hopefully you will find the new forums more helpful and easier to use.

// TrackIt Team

Posted by Jason Dalton 2006-02-03

1.0 Beta 1 and Web site up

The 1.0 Beta 1 release has been added to the Files section. Also, now that the website is up (, please refer to it for future news, updates, and support.

Posted by Jason Dalton 2005-06-01

0.1and 0.2 Feature List

Trackit development has finally ramped back up. Here are a list of features release 0.1 will support:

1. Runtime configurable / maintainable project items
A design change was made to support the runtime addition and manipulation of project items. These are the high level entities which compose a project (such as Feature, Requirement, Trouble Report, Defect, Checkin, and Peer Review, which will be provided by default). The field types that may be added dynamically will include string, lookup list / string, integer, float, and boolean. ... read more

Posted by Jason Dalton 2005-05-09

Features for Release 0.1

The following are Release 0.1 Requirements:
1. Projects and Subprojects
a. Project Settings
- Version Control Setup
- Nightly build information (this includes nightly build log, application url, xref url, and test report url)
b. Project Admin
- User Access
- Project News

2. Project Features view/edit/link/reports
3. Project Requirements view/edit/link/reports
4. Ticket view/edit/link/reports
5. Version Control History / Daemon
a. Enumerate and number checkins for cross reference
6. Timeline
a. Displays all events for all project items (including features, requirements, tickets, news, and version control)
b. Supports filtering and scrolling
7. Search
a. Basic search functionality to query all or specific project item titles, descriptions, and notes.
8. User preferences
a. User Customizable content (RSS) administration including url, component viewer, and refresh rate
b. User password reset
9. Basic Wiki per Project Item, Project, and User ("TODO" List). Wiki only supports special text formatting (no linking).
10. System Administration
a. Setup user accounts (username,password,fullname,email)
b. Basic RBA Security, supporting at a minimum Project Access and Project Admin
c. Activate/Deactivate user accounts

Posted by Jason Dalton 2004-09-28

Welcome Folks

There's lots of work to do. An initial checkin has been made as a first step. It's intent is to express the general idea of TrackIt - a dev portal that is just too useful not to use.

As time allows I'm going to start filling in ideas and content in the different functional areas up here on SF. If you have an interest in TrackIt, you're encouraged to support the project in any way possible, such as testing and providing feedback, developing components, or making cash donations.... read more

Posted by Jason Dalton 2004-05-15

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