#14 trackit.sh does not work


trackit.sh is using semicolons (;) to separate
classpath entries. In Unix and "unixlike" operating
systems, the semicolon is used to separate commands,
allowing the user to enter more than one command in one
line. The correct separator for classpath entries
under Unix systems is the colon (:).

Also of note, the standalone version of trackit runs on
port 80, which is a privileged port, and must be run as
root. This might be percieved as a security flaw by some.

A version with colon as separators attached.


  • David Heffelfinger

    trackit.sh with correct separators for Unix

  • Chris Bozic

    Chris Bozic - 2005-09-06

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for posting this. The startup script has been fixed
    in cvs. Also, the port is configurable via command line
    argument (in the cvs version) as well. You should be able
    to run "./trackit.sh 8080" and then hit
    http://localhost:8080/trackit to view the app.

    Chris Bozic
    //Trackit Developer

  • Chris Bozic

    Chris Bozic - 2005-09-06
    • status: open --> closed

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