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Slick like your daddy's Lexus

Bug tracker "OpenPM" just got slicker:
- Drag-drop support for iterations planning or cutting in with urgent issues.
- Task ordering logic is smarter so that Tasks flow smoother over lifecycle.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2008-10-03

You asked - we listened

New release 1.05.0 has changes you asked for:
- optional project history column
- recently changed tasks have different color and fade slowly
- filters by task type
- better default installation
- Task type 'Chore' renamed to 'To Do' everywhere
- better styles on road map page
- projects can have links to allow integration with wiki, forums, documents etc.
- buttons can optionally set and release task owner

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2008-08-21

Unicode support

- Full Unicode support for MYSQL
- Partial unicode support for POSTGRES (postgres does not support collations, so there is no case-insensitive search for unicode data on postgres)
- MSSQL does not support utf8 unicode

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2008-06-04

Effort Level, Velocity Chart and Iterations Planning

Tasks can have effort level. There is a project Velocity calculated based on Tasks completed and effort spent in couple of latest iterations.
Velocity is used to show you on the roadmap what your team can complete in the next Iteration.
Velocity chart has a breakdown to track added business value (Feature/Story type of Tasks) vs. Tasks not adding immediate business value (like Bugs and Chores).

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2008-04-27

Color Labels for tasks

Mark tasks requiring special handling with Color Labels.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2008-03-21

Email notifications

Email notifications for task changes in your projects. Subscription options include notifications for all task changes, for tasks assigned to you or for tasks you ever touched.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2008-02-16

Full text multi-term search with smart ranking

Full text multi-term search with smart ranking reaches into past history and recycle bin. Search result shows all fields and history entries with matches and highlights matching terms.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2007-12-19

Recycle Bin, Task History and View of Tasks grouped by Users

Added Recycle Bin support for Users, Projects and Tasks.
Added support for History of Tasks.
New view of Tasks grouped by Users.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2007-11-29

One-step installation wiz

Added one-step installation wizard and support for MSSQL.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2007-10-21

Beta Release. Task workflows are flexible now.

Task workflows are flexible now - you can add, edit and delete States for all Task types.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2007-09-21

Tasks can be filtered by age

State sections can have filter by age of tasks. Filters can be toggled by single click.

Posted by Vladimir Jigounov 2007-08-08

Added support for file attachments

Version 0.80 released:
- Added support for file attachments.
- Improved installation process.

Posted by Tracker Admin 2007-07-27