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object properties on group of objects

  • Peter Gasparovic

    The feature which I am mostly missing in TpX is "object properties" working not only with one object but also with others objects in the same selection group.

    Now it is very tedious to correct charts imported through SVG or EMF. For example, point symbols in Gnuplot are usualy exported without fill, and changing them in TpX one by one isn't very user friendly. Another example are numbers in axis description - when I need to change font size, I have the same problem.

    The second, less important feature, is distribution of objects (text labels) along direction with specified spacing. It is possible to use "snap to grid", but when you have to correct small differences of imported chart, it is of no use.

    • fuex

      fuex - 2008-02-22

      I'm also a great fan of TpX. And I think buteo is quite right about the init-settings which don't work from beginning and object properties which do no multiobjected jobs. But I think text-labels along direction with specified spacing is not that important (of course it would be nice). I would say it is more important to change

      . colors (add an option to color it to any #XXXXXX customer color)

      . fontsize (when i change fontsize to 3.6 I nearly get reasonable font sizes in latex (12 and 10 points), couldnt it be that the fontsize 10 equals 10 in latex?)

      . fontspecification. It would be nice when storing files to pgf, that the textboxes don't carry any fontinformation (now for example if one changes the font in latex, the font won't change in the graphics)

      thank you

    • Alexander Tsyplakov

      Objects properties can now be changed with toolbar. Also, "Object properties" work on newly introduced grouped objects.

      Custom colors were always available by means of the Windows color dialog.

      FontSizeInTeX=0 allows to use the default font size of the parent LaTeX document.

    • Peter Gasparovic

      Thank you, Alex.


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