#8 Enhanced formatting options for Log Strings

Logging (2)

Exported from Bugzilla, issue 3411.

--- Comment added on 6/25/2002 1:21:08 PM ---
Customer Bob Duval has made some suggestions for
formatting strings in the logging components:

I tried to use the TStGeneralLog but discovered it is more of a debugger log
since the time stamp only shows timing. Is there a more generic "general"
log that would allow me to log in a text file various events such as when
the application started or what selection a user made in the format
"mm/dd/yyyy tt:mm:ss LogData". For example:

06/25/2002 01:33:24 Application started
06/25/2002 01:33:45 User Bob logged in

Why don't you offer full control on the formatting of the LogString? Provide
a default string but allow us to reformat it as we want via the
OnGetLogString event handler. This way, older code would work as is, while
new code would benefit from the flexibility.


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