#15 Add "Tag" property to TStTextDataRec


Exported from Bugzilla, issue 4163.

--- Comment added on 12/10/2002 9:49:46 AM ---
Customer Request:

From: Ray Bernard [RayBernard2@rbcd.com]
Posted At: Tuesday, December 10, 2002 09:04 AM
Posted To: TurboPower Support
Subject: For Stephen Posey

Would you please also add a Tag property to TStTextDataRecord?

We just added it to our unit StTxtDat this morning. We needed to have data
processing flags associated with a data record. The Tag property let us
eliminate the code for maintaining a separate array of flags. It was a lot
faster to add the Tag property than to add code for handling the separate flag
array to support insertion and deletion of data records.

property Tag: Longint read FTag write FTag default 0;

We can see that we will use the Tag property for may kinds of run-time
processing of data records (read file in, do various processing on data
records, write file out).


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