Orpheus package for C++ Builder 2010

  • Witold Seweryn

    Witold Seweryn - 2010-05-17

    I have created Orpheus package for C++ Builder 2010. If someone is interested it can be downloaded from here: http://users.chariot.net.au/~witek/Orpheus/OrpheusCbuilder2010.zip
    I have installed Orpheus components under C++ Builder and run some of the example programs and everything seems to work fine. If other people are happy, maybe it can be added to sourceforge bundle.

    Here is installation instruction:
    1. Download and unzip the latest Orpheus bundle from sourceforge. The current one is: Orpheus407AU_4.zip .
    2. Download Orpheus C++ Builder package from my website: http://users.chariot.net.au/~witek/Orpheus/OrpheusCbuilder2010.zip
    Unzip files to packages folder, where other packages from sourceforge are unzipped.
    3. Start C++ Builder 2010 and open file OrpheusCbuilder2010.groupproj from packages folder.
    4. In the Project Manager right click on the package O406_d61_2010.bpl and select Install.
    5. Packages are compiled and installed.
    6. From top menu choose Tools > Options > C++ Options. Add source directory of the unzipped sourceforge bundle to    Include path.

    Now you can start new C++ builder vcl application and use Orpheus components.

  • Witold Seweryn

    Witold Seweryn - 2010-05-17

    Sorry Guys, it was meant for Orpheus forum


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