Systools for Delphi 2009?

  • Charlie Heaps

    Charlie Heaps - 2008-09-30

    Hi all,

    Is anyone contemplating updating Systoools to work with Delphi 2009? I wonder also how many people are still using Systools?

    Thanks in advance!

    • F. James Rohlf

      F. James Rohlf - 2008-09-30

      Yes, I am still using Systools as well as Orpheus and Onguard. I don't have a copy of Delphi 2009 yet. I hope someone checks for any compatibility problems.


    • Charlie Heaps

      Charlie Heaps - 2008-10-10

      Thanks Jim - I guess its just you and me!

      I do have a Delphi 2009 now.  I will let you know once I've given systools a try.   


    • Henner Kollmann

      Henner Kollmann - 2008-11-20

      I am interested in this port too.
      String handling is quite different to delphi 2009. Changed the source of systools 3 but could'nt test up to now.

      Henner Kollmann

    • Alf Christophersen

      I would also be interested in making this unit available for Delphi 2009 since I use at least the tStTree unit quite heavily.

      Except from changing any string with Anitring, char with AnsiChar and pChar with pAnsiChar, what other changes has to be done in all source units ??

    • John Clements

      John Clements - 2009-01-05

      I began porting it however the task isn't five lines of code changes.  Has anyone finished this to spare me the time? lol

    • PStadler

      PStadler - 2009-02-22


      I wanted to ask you if you already ported Systools to
      Delphi 2009?



      Please reply to my email address
      Peter.Stadler at

    • John Clements

      John Clements - 2009-02-26

      I have a zip file of the Delphi 2009 port of SysTools.  It could use some testing as quite frankly, some of the routines in question, like the Shell routines, I don't use so don't know if my port to WideChar/WideString's are 100% compatible, but it does compile and install in Delphi 2009 fine.

      I have contacted the TP admin email address here to see about submitting it, but for the time being, if any developer would like a copy of this zip file for use or to help test, please email me here.

    • John Clements

      John Clements - 2009-02-27

      I have checked in the run and design time packages for Delphi 2009, and added a sticky tag for Delphi2009 so you can get the modified files for it.

    • PStadler

      PStadler - 2009-03-18


      I would like to test the port to Delphi2009.

      You can reach me here:



      • Alan Larson

        Alan Larson - 2009-05-13

        Hi John,

        I would be interested in testing with D2009.
        Could you please provide me download instructions as well?


        Thank you,

    • PStadler

      PStadler - 2009-03-18


      I tried to get it from CVS repository, but there is only the S403_r130.dpk, no other new files.




      Can you send me a link to download the whole zip.archive?

    • Markus Schwaiger

      Hi John,

      I would also be interested in testing with D2009 - could you please provide me with a link or send me the files? Mail: lists (at)

      Thank you!


    • Vassilis Perantzakis

      John hi,
      can you also send me the Delphi 2009 code?
      My mail is



  • Martin

    Martin - 2009-12-13

    I would appreciate it, if you could send me the D2009 Code


  • Ollo

    Ollo - 2010-01-11


    I would also appreciate if someone could sent me the D2009 code to



  • TimG

    TimG - 2010-01-15

    I am also interested in the D2009 update. Can anyone find the packages that were checked in last February, and provide a link? I don't see anything newer than 6 years when I browse the CVS.  Maybe an admin has to do something to make them visible?
    This is Sourceforge - we shouldn't have to exchange files by email.

  • John Clements

    John Clements - 2010-01-21

    I have the SysTools 2009 zip and have now ported it to Delphi 2010.  If any are still interested please email me here, as I don't check the forums since they are obviously not updated very often.

  • BillC

    BillC - 2010-02-04

    I am interested in the D2010 port. email:

  • Valencia Barree

    Valencia Barree - 2010-04-26

    I would like to have the version for 2010 as well.  Please email: . Thanks!

  • Mike Soucie

    Mike Soucie - 2011-12-19

    I would like to have the 2010 version also.
    Have you looked at XE or XE2 yet?



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