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  • vmishka

    vmishka - 2005-04-01


    I have just upgraded from Delphi 4 (where I had older versions of TuroPower Systools and Orpheus installed) to Delphi 2005 Professional.

    Are there Systool Packages for D2005 available (I know there are for Orpheus)?  When I look in the Systools packages directory, I don't find any *90.* files.

    Under Delphi 4, in my programs I added Systools  string utility source files (e.g., Stbase.pas, Stconst,.pas, and Stostr.pas) to my project.  Am I correct in assuming that this will still work properly under Delphi 2005.

    Thank you very much for any help.

    Lawrence Diamond

    • Rob Roberts

      Rob Roberts - 2005-04-01


      Yes, there are SysTools packages for D2005.  They are located in the SysTools CVS repository at  Look for the S404*.* files.

      Be careful when retrieving the D2005 packages from CVS. Make sure you get the actual package file and not an HTML page containing a listing of the package file. Many people have ended up with the HTML page and tried to open it with D2005 to compile the package, which of course won't work.

      You should be able to use SysTools in D2005 in the same manner you used it in D4.

      --Rob Roberts


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