SysTools Wont Stay Installed

Brian Huff
  • Brian Huff

    Brian Huff - 2005-02-04

    Problem using Systools and Delphi 4

    can compile and install systools just fine, however, once I close out of Delphi 4 and go back in, I get the following error:

    "Unalbe To Locate Component"

    "This application has failed to start because S403_440.bpl was not found.  Re-installing the application may fix this problem"

    Source dir is added to the library path, package dir & output dir is added to the search path. 

    Have been up and down the limited readme.txt file and followed it step by step.  It's the oddest thing.

    Once I OK through that message, I can easily re-install the component without any problems.  can compile my projects that use it, etc.  It's just on the initial startup that I get that error.

    Any thoughts?

    • Brian Huff

      Brian Huff - 2005-02-04

      correction, the package it's looking for is S403_d40.bpl

    • Brian Huff

      Brian Huff - 2005-02-04

      actually, there are more messages:

      Same message as described above, but the first package it looks for is the runtime (S403_r40.bpl) which it can't find, then it looks for the designtime packages.

      I have compiled all three packages, they are within the folder in my library.

      • Jeffrey Little

        Jeffrey Little - 2005-02-04

        Trying copying the run-time package to your windows system/system32 directory.
        That usually fixes it for me.


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