Terry - 2011-09-06

Has anyone been able to get the Hyperlink function to work in Excel 2010? I am using OP with Delphi 2010 and have tried the code on page 124 of the manual and I keep getting the error, "Error creating Hyperlink, Check Cell and Address". I have been able to successfully open Excel, create a new workbook, populate it with data, and even save the workbook with a program generated filename. I just can't seem to get this hyperlink thing to work.

In my latest try I am simply trying to create a single hyperlink with the following code:

      hyperlnk := OpExcel.Workbooks[0].Worksheets[0].hyperlinks.add;
      hyperlnk.Address := 'http://www.reedfax.com';
      hyperlnk.AnchorCell := 'L4';
      hyperlnk.Visible := true;