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press() method in version 2.0.3

  • Aanchal Gupta

    Aanchal Gupta - 2010-04-07


    It seems that the press(string, int, int, string) method that i had used for scripts with version 2.0.2 is not available in 2.0.3…..!!!

  • Robert Pes

    Robert Pes - 2010-04-09

    The press() methods were extended to handle the "delay" parameter. The method you mention was accidentally removed. I filed it as bug 2984450, fixed it and committed the update to CVS.

    Options for you until 2.0.4 release are (1) rebuild your own version from CVS or (2) downgrade to 2.0.2 or (3) replace calls of this method with press(string, int, int, (string)null, string) or implementing your own private convenience method calling it in your test script class.

  • Robert Pes

    Robert Pes - 2010-04-15

    The issue has been resolved in the recently released 2.0.4 version.

  • Aanchal Gupta

    Aanchal Gupta - 2010-04-16

    Great. :)


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