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  • haberb

    haberb - 2010-03-25

    I am using 2.02 on osx leopard. I created a procedure in a test script and when it was working, I wanted to start a library file. I cut out the procedure from the script and pasted it in another file, also a tpr file.
    When I try the Include command in my test script, using either a relative or absolute path to the new file, the editor claims I'm using the wrong syntax. When I open the test script file from scratch, the editor freezes. The only way to open the test script file is by renaming teh library file. Is there something I'm missing in the syntax?
    I've tried single quotes and double quotes, and no quotes.
    and they all fail.

  • Robert Pes

    Robert Pes - 2010-03-25

    This looks like either regression of 2923342 or another bug tied with the included script content. Unfortunately it is not reproducible in my environment. I'll get in touch with you privately to try a few options.

  • Robert Pes

    Robert Pes - 2010-03-26

    The issue was caused by a bug. It is triggered by assigning a value looking like variable call to a variable. For example:

    Var count={count}
    if ({count} == 0) {

    This makes the compiler to enter an indefinite loop and the application hangs.

    The bug was filed as 2976908. It's been already fixed, committed into CVS and targeted for the 2.0.3 release. 

  • Robert Pes

    Robert Pes - 2010-03-29

    The fix was released in 2.0.3 today.


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