T-Plan Robot Enterprise Version 3.0 Released

T-Plan Test Automation SoftwareT-Plan Robot Enterprise V3.0 Released

T-Plan is very proud to introduce the next generation of our test automation tool "T-Plan Robot Enterprise". New Feature Highlights.

The main underlying principle of this release was to introduce full Java-API support. Java Test Scripts can now be compiled and run with no proprietary scripting language required.

De-coupling the scripting language ensures that our product line remains distinctly clear of any disputable patent claims in the United States.

Major Features of T-Plan Robot Enterprise V3

  • New Look & Feel (LAF), plus support of an extra 15 optional LAF schemes.
  • Project level organisation of Test Scripts, Test Data, Component Images and Test Results. more…
  • Full support of Java Test Scripts. Java code is compiled and executed on the fl y.
  • Use of a JavaIDE, such as Netbeans or Eclipse, for Java development is supported.
  • A new generation of the 'Java Convertor' enables easy and reliable conversion of TPR test scripts (*.tpr) into Java. more…
  • The redesigned 'Command Wizard' allows interactive design of test script commands without a deep knowledge of the TPR scripting language, or Java.
  • The redesigned 'Code Template Wizard' (former Snippet Wizard) offers a wide library of code templates both for the TPR and Java formats. Creation of your own code templates, is also fully supported.
  • All test script commands and Java method calls can be easily designed and updated through dynamic property windows, featuring new interactive components; such as for example the MS Excel spread sheet viewer.
  • Investigation of Script Failures has been made easy. The Execution Log now captures a complete history of the script execution, including the start and exit points, and any outstanding events. more…
  • The script execution functionality has been enhanced with visualization of the performed mouse and image comparison operations.
  • The new 'Image Based Text Recognition' algorithm recognizes text on the screen based on pre-saved character images and provides an alternative where OCR may fail. The Character Capture wizard makes the process of creation and maintenance of the character image collections as easy as possible. more…
  • The new Enterprise Image Search v2 algorithm enables Robot to identify components on the screen with a high level of tolerance to minor rendering changes, experienced for example with Flash. more…

Click here to contact us for a trialMajor Benefits of T-Plan Robot Enterprise - Test Anything Anywhere

  • Platform independence (Java). Automates all major systems, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris and mobile
  • Support of testing over the RFB protocol (better known as VNC).
  • Black box GUI testing of systems traditionally difficult to automate: Flash/Flex, Mobile, Legacy, POS, Defense, GIS & Radar etc.
  • Test Case Management & Defect Tracking integration with T-Plan Professional.
  • Excellent support services.

For further technical information please see the T-Plan Robot Enterprise 3.x Change Log, or the T-Plan Robot Enterprise 3.0 Release Notes.

If you would like to know more about T-Plan Robot Enterprise or any of our other Products or Services, then please download our T-Plan Robot Enterprise Brochure or contact us at sales@t-plan.com or contact our local representative.

Posted by SourceForge Robot 2012-05-28