Is anyone minding the store ?

  • bsccara

    bsccara - 2012-02-27

    I've found the present code useful to me but I intend to make some optimizations and additions to the code. Would it be desirable to post the new code here or should I start a new SourceForge project ?

  • ffuser

    ffuser - 2012-03-18

    Hello bsccara,

    It seems that the tpsfadmin user is still active on SourceForge. I think this is Nick Hodges

    I am an active user of the package, but have not been visiting Source Forge recently, hence the delay in answering you. It would be great if you could contribute to the project. I suggest keeping the project here rather than creating a new Source Forge project if possible. Please do publish your improvements.


  • bsccara

    bsccara - 2012-03-20

    Nice to know there's still active users of this package. What has been your experience with it ?
    As to my changes, I've decided to fork the project, first because I didn't expect any replies to my query so there would be no way to get write access to the code, and also because I'm dropping SQL support. Since there's already a lot of open source SQL databases, I see no reason to keep that code in. Instead I'm planning to incorporate an ObjectPascal interpreter into the Server and implementing a way to feed Delphi code for execution in the Server (basically swapping SQL for ObjectPascal). So my project will not be feature-compatible with FF2.

  • ffuser

    ffuser - 2012-03-27

    I have not done much inside the package. Just one or two little things. It needs somebody to do a bit to the strings to make it compile under the latest Delphi, I will hopefully get round to this eventually if nobody else does, I posted details somewhere on this site. I recommend you study what I did to the low level file handling, I posted details, because I had trouble with it fighting a backup/virus checker package. That was the only serious problem I have had with it. I should get organized and put these improvements into a version 2.14 really, but I have not got round to learning how to do that …

    At a guess it does sound like your project might be appropriate to fork as there are probably people who will want the SQL retained. But perhaps there will be things that you will fix or improve that are of interest to both projects and be worth submitting here too. Anyway, leave a link here to your new project when you get started.


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