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QDepo v0.39 - bugfix release

Fixed a bug from the past two releases (v0.37 and v0.38) that prevents the generation of the output file.

Posted by Stefan Suciu 2012-09-19

QDepo v0.38 was released

QDepo v0.38 - formerly known as "TPDA - Query Repository Tool" was released.
This is the first release with the new name, also a bugfix release.

Posted by Stefan Suciu 2012-09-16 Labels: project renamed

QDepo - new name for "TPDA - Query Repository Tool"

The "TPDA - Query Repository Tool" project was renamed to QDepo.

Posted by Stefan Suciu 2012-09-16 Labels: rename

Release v0.37

Bug fix release.

Posted by Stefan Suciu 2012-08-04

Release v0.35

The Controller module was refactored. Added login dialog and feature to show progress when generating output. Other fixes and improvements.

Posted by Stefan Suciu 2012-04-20

New bug fix release v0.31

Bug fix for (not) installing the main script.

Posted by Stefan Suciu 2011-12-19

New release ver. 0.20

TPDA - Query Repository Tool - a wxPerl GUI tool for data exporting and query repository management. Queries are saved in XML files and can be edited and parametrized. Export formats: CSV, Excel, Calc. Support:for Firebird, PostgreSQL and SQLite.

Sample report for the test connection. Added Styled Text Control (STC) control for logging, with customized log messages. Added exception reporting for DBI operations. Renamed main module to TpdaQrt.

Posted by Stefan Suciu 2011-01-07