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This wiki should be used for publication of results produced by TCJ. These results may be then used for comparisons of tested DBMSs by anyone.

Publication of the results

Any (registered) user may publish a report with results of his testing by following these simple steps:

  1. Try to find out whether someone had already created a page with results of the same system (and version) as you have tested and with matching number of warehouses (the number before "W")
    • If so, edit this page and append your report beneath the existing reports
    • In other case, create a new page with name corresponding to the following pattern: "DBMS's_name DBMS's_version, number_of_warehouses W" (e.g. "MySQL 5.5.22, 15 W")
  2. Insert your report (the structure should be the same as in [MySQL 5.5.22, 15 W])
  3. Attach charts generated by TCJ (and don't forget to insert them into your report)
  4. In case you are creating a new page, add proper labels to it:
    • Name of the tested DBMS (e.g. "MySQL")
    • Name and version of the tested DBMS (e.g. "MySQL 5.5.22")
    • Number of warehouses (e.g. "15 W")
  5. Save the page

Viewing the results

Currently there is no page summarizing all pages with reports. Nevertheless, pages should be properly labeled and so the function "Browse Labels" may be used to navigate to the desired reports.


Published results: MySQL 5.5.22, 15 W