APro 4.07 RC4 avaliable for download

The latest release of ASync Pro is now available for download. This release contains a number of minor bug fixes.

Apro was using QueryPerformanceCounter to calculated elapsed times
for timer triggers and the like. This API call is problematic when
used on certain multi-processor systems and on systems which use
various cooling and power saving modes. Under value returned by
QueryPerformanceCounter can be wildly inaccurate, causing timers to
fire early or late. The avoid these problems, QueryPerformanceCounter
has been replaced with timeGetTime. timeBeginPeriod is called during
initialization to set the minimum update period for timeGetTime to
1 millisecond. NOTE: This means that Apro no longer has sub-millisecond
accuracy when computing elapsed times but this should be less of a
problem than that caused by QueryPerformanceCounter.

Fixed a memory leak in awuser.pas, caused by status packets being
popped of the queue but not freed.

Fixed end of line corruption in the fax log file.

Posted by Stephen Boyd 2008-02-18

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