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Reviewed in Linux Format issue 119

Toy Cars apparently received a positive review in the UK magazine Linux Format issue 119 and was included on the cover disc. See:

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2009-08-16

ToyCars 0.3.10 Released

The Autotools build system has been improved. The camera mode can now be changed in game. Numerous minor bug fixes have also occurred.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2009-06-29

ToyCars 0.3.9 Released

This update includes some new features as well as a vehicle editor
that is bundled together with the game. The track editor is also
considerably improved. Several new tracks are also included which
are much bigger than the previous ones.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2009-03-22

Windows Error at Startup...

It has come to my attention that some users may not be able to run ToyCars on windows unless they already have Visual C++ 2008 installed. To remedy this one can download (6Mb) the following package from the Microsoft website...

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86):

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2009-03-14

Toy Cars 0.3.8 Released

Toy Cars 0.3.8 is now released. Mac OS X and linux versions are up. A windows version probably will be available within a few days.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2009-02-18

SVN Migration

After the CVS repository got all stuffed up for some reason I've decided to start a fresh this time using SVN.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2008-09-09

ToyCars 0.3.7 Released

This release fixes a rather major bug in the previous version that meant that players 5-16 were idle. Also the user data directory in ~/.toycars/ can now contain tracks and cars and the game should find them there. There are some other minor bug fixes and improvements too such as an option for a widescreen window size.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2008-07-03

ToyCars 0.3.6 Released

A better windows build and some overall improvements to the game including support for XBox 360 gamepads.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2008-06-28

Windows binary released again

This time the build was made using Visual C++ 2008 and a proper installer has been created too. Hopefully this will be more compatible than the previous release for windows.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2008-06-09

Windows binary released

I have managed to build the game under MinGW without linking to the FMOD library and thus without sounds. There is a minor bug with minimaps but otherwise it all seems to work ok. I have tested it under Windows XP SP 2 on my iMac 2.4 GHz dual core.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2008-06-06

Toy Cars 0.3.5 Released

Version 0.3.5 has been released with FMOD being optional now so people without FMOD can still install it. There is a basic AI for the Hot Potato mode of play. The Mac version has been built and tested under Leopard. There are a few other changes too.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2007-12-19

Toy Cars: 0.3.4 released

Toy Cars is a physics based 2-D racer.

* This release includes a Mac Universal Binary for the first time.
* OpenAL has been discarded in favour of the FMOD Ex sound library now which is used for all music and sound effects in the game.
* There have been some bugs fixed and minor features added too since the previous release.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2007-11-01

Toy Cars 0.3.3a bug fixes

Hopefully fixed a bug in the OS X release of Toy Cars 0.3.3 now.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2007-05-03

Toy Cars 0.3.3 released

Version 0.3.3 has three playable game modes, theme music, sound effects, and a preferences screen. Various bugs have been fixed too.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2007-04-30

Toy Cars 0.3.0 Released

Version 0.3.0 Release Notes:
Some major new features are implemented in this release. A new game mode called "Hot Potato" is implemented. AIs can now take part in the race. There can be up to 16 players in total, four of which can be human controlled ones.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2006-08-13

Toy Cars 0.2.7 Released

Added preferences and credits to the main menu. Some bug fixes.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2006-08-03

Toy Cars 0.2.6 Released

This release features title music and improved four player mode.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2006-08-03

Toy Cars 0.2.5 bug fix release

Version 0.2.4 had a couple of fairly serious bugs in it. One of these was causing compile errors on many peoples' systems. It could potentially have crashed the program too. This release fixes these bugs.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2005-12-16

Toy Cars 0.2.4 Released

Toy Cars is growing and improving. More cars have been added. Three different tracks are available. Plans for the next version include introducing sounds and map editing utilities.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2005-12-14

Version 0.2.3 Released

Toy Cars version 0.2.3 is out. The main changes include a brand new set of Autotools scripts so configure make should be an enjoyable experience for all users. Give it a try!

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2005-09-11

Info about the first release

Here is some important information about version 0.2.2. The source code distribution contains a Mac OS X Xcode project file. This code has not yet been tested on Linux or Windows. Porting may require a small amount of effort. Hopefully by the next release there will be some kind of cross-platform build system. The NEWS in the source distribution contains some more information.

Posted by Ruben Zilibowitz 2005-08-02

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