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Development continues, slowly but surely

We're slowly making progress again. We have a functional GStreamer backend which targets the 0.6.x stable branch that's becoming increasingly used in the GNOME desktop, so hopefully by the time GNOME 2.4.0 comes out, most people will have it or be able to get it fairly easily. This was only possible once it was possible to make GStreamer work properly on FreeBSD, but it does work enough for our purposes now, which is fantastic, and takes a lot of hard work off our hands, such as supporting multiple file formats, and more importantly, supporting multiple output methods, such as OSS and ALSA 0.9 and things on other platforms which I know nothing about but which someone might want to use one day.... read more

Posted by Matthew Walton 2003-07-11

Okay, so we still haven't released anything

The long and short of it - no time.
The other long of it - we wanted to switch to using GStreamer as the media backend, but it's not working right on FreeBSD or Linux/SPARC, and we kind of need Towel to work on at least FreeBSD - if it doesn't we lose one developer.
I've been hacking on it a little recently, I sorted out some of the issues arising from the port to gtkmm2 and updated it to match the 1.3.26 release. gtkmm2 is fast approaching 2.0.0 now so things should get easier with respect to that as we won't have to deal with API/ABI breakage anymore. Phew!
Anyway, since the playlist code has nothing at all to do with the media playing code (smartest thing we did, that), I can start design work on the monster-killer-slaughter-all-competition playlist I've been dreaming about since I first used XMMS, and that's so long ago now I don't even want to think about it.
If anyone reads this, they'll probably laugh at that.

Posted by Matthew Walton 2002-10-28

Towel development changes tack

Towel is, almost as I type (because I'm the one doing it and I can't code and post news articles at the same time) being ported to gtkmm-1.3. Why? you may ask. Well, the reasons are empty and shallow so I won't go into them here, apart from to say that gtkmm-2.0 looks so good we just couldn't wait to use it.
Oh, and we should be able to put out a stable Towel release as soon as gtkmm-2.0.0 is released, which will be great. Not to mention there being more sample code out there for gtkmm developers learning to port 1.2.x to 2.0. So it's a community-minded thing, too. Kind of.

Posted by Matthew Walton 2002-01-11

Development re-starts - sort of

I just made the first commit for three months to the repository. Nothing much exciting, just some code which maintains a list of recently played files so that the random routine doesn't go around picking ones it's just played. On the whole it leads to a much more enjoyable experience when on random mode - which I use almost all the time.
Well, I think I made the commit anyway - it doesn't seem to have shown up on the CVS browser. Does that need time to update or something?

Posted by Matthew Walton 2001-12-31

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