Close Bracket Submission

  • Fred

    Fred - 2014-03-19

    If the bracket submission has been closed, should you not be able to view who picked what team by round? All I am getting is a blank page with the header of Who Picked What. See what I mean.

    The site is

    Perhaps it is because no results have been entered? But once the submissions are closed, no one would be able to change any brackets.

  • Jon

    Jon - 2014-03-20

    Hi Fred,

    I am new to this web-app and haven't reviewed the code but it's possible it waits until results are entered.

    You and your users can view the brackets by going to Standings > Champion selctions and clicking on the teams on that page. It will then show the users that picked those teams to win and you can click the team name to view the bracket.

    Example of the result of the above steps:

  • Fred

    Fred - 2014-03-20


    Thanks for the post...I see what you mean and I guess I should have clicked on the championship link and see what you have pointed out to me. I just found this app and for this year I am testing it, but certainly expect to use it next year. Hopefully, the login model will be developed also. It would be great if a Sweet 16 pool could be integrated into this without having to run a second app.


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