Sweet. I'll check it out when ready and merge 

On Mar 17, 2014, at 7:27 PM, "Jeremy G" <mrjaydm@users.sf.net> wrote:

I agree the current login system is not good.
I have integrated this login system in to the script.
Its working out very well. I made the admin ID 1, Removed all instance of validatecookie() on the admin side and replaced it with
if(isset($_SESSION['Memberid']) < 1 ){
header("Location: login.php");

User side removed validatecookie() and replaced it with
header("Location: ../login.php");

I added include("header.php"); to all the login system pages. Changed index to register.php
Its working great...
All users have a session and now I can create a user page to view/edit/print brackets.

The code is a bit messy but I will clean it up and submit it later.
It will be after this years Madness...

What does login accomplish?

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