Sweet 16 Tournament

Rob J
  • Rob J

    Rob J - 2011-03-21

    I checked in code modifications to do a sweet 16 tournament.

    If someone can check it out and test it for me, that would be great.

    1. Run the installation, making sure to check the Sweet 16 Tournament checkbox.
    2. Initialize the bracket with the team names (Copy the data from your existing tournament's master table)
    3. If not already done, update the master bracket with all the winners for the first 2 rounds.

    That's it. Create Bracket should now take you to the Sweet 16 tourney bracket entry page.

  • Rob J

    Rob J - 2011-03-21

    Oh yeah, I you update an existing deployment to the latest code but you don't run convert_1_5_1_to_1_5_2_structure.sql, then there will be problems.

    If for some reason you want to update your deployed code to the latest svn version, you should run convert_1_5_1_to_1_5_2_structure.sql.

    Only 1 boolean field was added to the meta table, FYI.

  • Andrew Wilson

    Andrew Wilson - 2011-03-24

    Line 286 of install.htm should now say 1.5.2 instead of 1.5.1.  Otherwise seems to be working fine.

  • John Holder

    John Holder - 2011-03-31

    A quick note….
    structure_152.sql doesn't have some of the alternate scoring methods in it that 151 does.
    Also, structure_151.sql, when you updated the odds for 2011, didn't get an update to the blob in the parallel table… probably needs to be in either or both of the files.

  • bigworm

    bigworm - 2012-03-19

    I would obtain this from trunk or?

  • John Holder

    John Holder - 2012-03-20

    awingate, from trunk.  I had missed this thread last year…  Looks like I'll need to pull, test, and get another version out.  But, pulling from trunk should get you all the bits.  I'm not sure I've got time before the start, but I'll see what i can do.

  • bigworm

    bigworm - 2012-03-20

    Got it loaded…all seems good.  Thanks!

  • Anonymous - 2012-04-06

    Please forgive my ignorance but should I be seeing a "sweet 16" check box in the latest release?  thanks in advance.


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