TournaMan is written in the ruby programming language though may use other languages such as python to create the user interface. It is targeted to all possible platforms, specifically Linux (priority), Windows and Mac. Ruby is available on all of these platforms so this shouldn't be too difficult. The GUI, when it is developed, will use WxWidgets or shoes for cross-platform compatibility.

Source Code

To browse the source code go the the SVN tab.
You can also follow instructions to download a working copy.
To read more about the source code, click here.


You can contribute in the following areas:
- Core development - to help out with the development of the core library, written in ruby.
- GUI - help to create a graphical user interface for the program using WxWidgets (wxruby) or shoes.
- Packaging - Help to package the program for Linux (.deb, .rpm etc.), Windows (NSIS installer) or Mac (.dmg or .pkg installer). Windows and Mac packaging would be especially useful as I can create the packages for Linux.

To contribute, please post a message in the Discussion tab or send an email to You can then be given the appropriate permissions to contribute.



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