I have done search system with touchgraph

  • AyyavooSuresh

    AyyavooSuresh - 2004-12-15

    I have done SearchSystem using TouchGraph

    By combining above program i made a searchSystem
    anybody intrested to see the output

    • Sachin Oswal

      Sachin Oswal - 2004-12-15

      This sounds awesome. Do you have a site/ where we could see a demo.

      I'm wondering what kind of base structure you used between these different technologies or how you converted between them.


      • AyyavooSuresh

        AyyavooSuresh - 2004-12-15

        i have tested in test server but sorry i can't give the url
        1.i used asp.net to call indexserver(we can set particular path for search in our server)
        2.Search Result will be stored as xml file
        3.Convert xml file to be used by touchgraph(using xsl)
        4.read the result file by touchgraph and show the result as tree view.

    • Mike Lee

      Mike Lee - 2005-07-18

      Would you happen to have the source?  I'm definitely interested in doing something similar, although probably in a different language.


      • AyyavooSuresh

        AyyavooSuresh - 2005-07-19

        may i know how can i upload search source

    • mksheoran

      mksheoran - 2005-10-17

      Could you please post the source for the community?


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