What I need may already be possible, I just have not found out yet?
I want to visualize a list of books that I specify explicitely. In TGAmazonBrowser, thish is possible by entering the respective ISBN numbers, one by one, into the add field, setting radius to all. And I have a great networked landscape o do all kinds of interesting things.
however, it's tedious, copy paste does not work, typos may happen. What I really want is to be able to enter them all at once, e.g. in the url.
Instead of just one (which works) like that:
I want to handle e.g. e or 20 of those:

Here I used the comma as a delimiter to explain the principle: it does not work, though.

is this already possible (may be e.g. using another delimiter)
or is there a workaround/similar solution?