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  • Alexander Shapiro

    I've heard that the Link Browser applet doesn't load on the following platforms/browsers:

    Mac NN4.x
    Mac IE 5.x
    Opera for Windows

    If you are experiencing problems with these or other platforms, I would appreciate if you sent me an email with a description of the problem, and possibly the output from the JavaConsole that can be enabled on most browsers.

    Thanks a lot,


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Alex!
      I loaded the TGLinkBrowser standalone application in my Mandrake Linux environment. I can create new nodes but not edit them. The right mouse button doesn't work. A search in Google wit the keywords
      (Java +linux +isPopupTrigger) poited out some discussions about the problem.
      In Windows the popupmenus are triggered when You release the right button but in Unix they are triggered when You press it.
      To make it platform independent you should put the test for isPopupTrigger in both press and release events.
      You could use the META_MASK to mask out which button was used but what happens when the mouse is redefined for a left-handed user?
      I have not tried it yet but I will.

      -Stefan Bragd

    • Alexander Shapiro

      Thanks a lot Stafan, I'll be sure to incorporate this change. 

      Poor left-handed users, they'll just have to wait for a later version.



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