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  • jerry

    jerry - 2004-05-02

    touchgraph link browser right click won't work; jre 1.4.2

    Wanted to mention that the touchgraph link browser(java client) client starts correctly in Redhat 9, but i found one problem when trying to edit links. The problem being that I can't open the small popup menu when i right click in linux RedHat 9. left clicking while dragging on a selected link (in edit mode) lets you create a new link both in microsoft windows 95a and in Redhat 9. When i right click in win95a, a small menu appears that allows me to edit a link, but this menu doesn't appear after right clicking a link in edit mode in redhat 9 (which does work with TG link browser in win95).

    I tried using a 2 button mouse with 3 button emulation. I also tried to use a 3 button logitech trackball which works with the old logitech c7 setting in Redhat. I also tried to operate the mouse with it's three buttons using the number keypad in linux, which works in other applications under linux. The same problem still happens in trying all of these methods.

    I was told that unix and windows use different "select," "extend," and "menu" buttons(in relation to the mouse).

    Maybe, microsoft windows is using a different method of interpreting the right mouse button than redhat linux 9. if so, maybe there is a way to do this in linux (really, i have no idea how this could be done, but am open to try).

    If there is a solution, i would appreciate knowing how to go about doing it. .

    note: I am using Sun's java 1.4.2_04 in windows 95a and I am using Sun's java 1.4.2_03 in Redhat 9. Both are the most current, i just downloaded them recently.

    note: touchgraph link browser is an open source java client and applet under the GNU general Public License. I think that the source code was included with the binary. I am using touchgraph link browser v 1.20 . I downloaded from

    in google i found the following:

    note: mara, you helped me before when i was practically installing redhat 9 and i had a problem with the installation and you mentioned that it was a faulty cd-rom drive. with your help, i am enjoying in learning about linux for the past 5 months since your answer helped me install redhat 9 successfully. Thank you very much since my very first question to you.
    Answer   Hello,
    I downloaded the program and, if I think of the right situation, the right-click doesn't bring a menu for me. The thing I noticed is that when I drag a new link and (with left mouse button pressed) press right button it has an effect of 'canceling' the link. That's why I think that right mouse button works correctly. The problem is why the menu does not appear.

    I can see two reasons, both causing problems not easy to solve: bug in the program or incompatibility between Windows and Linux java versions. The second one should not happen.. but it doesn't mean it's impossible. A bug in the program should be easier to find, but not by me (with not very big Java experience it'd take me several days).

    What I'd do in your place is to mail the program developers (or report a bug). It won't make things worse, but can fix things.

    Sorry that I can't help more

    This was a message that I posted to under linux help.

    Anyway, this is a bug when running touchgraph link browser under linux. I hope there is an easy way around this.
    note: under windows, right click menu works.

    • jerry

      jerry - 2004-05-03

      i asked the following and received a reply at experts-exchange:
      but this solution would apparently require fixing the source code for the right mouse button under linux.

    • jerry

      jerry - 2004-05-03

      I found the following under 'bugs'' in the menu bar above
      I found this after I posted
      Date: 2003-06-12 13:42
      Sender: stefanbragd
      Logged In: YES

      I run touchgraph on linux with KDE.
      One difference between windows and UNIX/Linux (and maybe
      MacOS) is that menus are not activated untill you release
      the menu button. To enable Touchgraphs menus for Linux I
      copied the following from mouseReleased() to mousePressed()
      in the files and
      public void mouseReleased(MouseEvent e) {
                  if (e.isPopupTrigger()) {

      /Stefan Bragd


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